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The Duchess of Cornwall guest edits the Emma Barnett Show

Photo: BBC

Camilla joined Emma Barnett to discuss her experience during lock-down from her and Prince Charles home at Clarence House. During their conversation they praised volunteers, spoke about the Duchess of Cornwalls rescue dogs, her newfound appreciation for technology like Facetime, and about the biggest struggle she has personally faced during lock-down.

Photo: PA

The Duchess shared her more about how she has seen time and time again that people really love volunteering and helping those in need. Volunteers have been especially important during the pandemic as more people struggle with food and job insecurity, loneliness, anxiety and health concerns.

Camilla shared how she has been spending time talking with lonely or isolated people through Silverline, a 24 hour service that helps vulnerable or isolated people by connecting them with volunteers. She spoke with Betty, a 90 year old woman who is self-isolating, ahead of VE day who shared her experience on what it was like on the day that the allies officially won the second world war.

Photo: Clarence House

She shared some of the resources available to those who might be feeling lonely and, when asked if she had a message for those people, said that you are not alone and there are so many people who want to talk and listen.

The Duchess of Cornwall admitted that the most challenging part of lock-down was being separated from the family, specifically her grand-kids. Since lock-down began she has learned how to use FaceTime in order to be able to see her family but admits she "really hated the internet" before lock-down.

She went on to say she has seen the brilliance of the internet as a means of staying connected to the children, other family members and friends. Camilla also touched on how important it has been in continuing education while school buildings remain closed and providing fitness for those self-isolating.

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty

Camilla also shared how she wished she had been able to "rush up and hug" her grandchildren during one of their socially distanced visits and how she was eagerly looking forward to being able to do so once it is safe. Many grandparents and grandchildren alike have gone months on months without any visits due to the pandemic and as lock-down measures are slowly lifted, families are being reunited.

Photo: Clarence House

The pair also discussed the work the Duchess has done with domestic and sexual abuse survivors through her patronage with Safe Lives and launching the #EverybodysProblem campaign. During lock-down, many men and women found themselves trapped in their homes with their abusers and no means of leaving. Camilla shared some stories about domestic abuse that she has heard through the years and praised the survivors who had managed to find a means to escape their abuse during quarantine.

Finally the pair discussed the Duchesses two rescue dogs, Bluebell and Beth, that she found at Battersea Dogs & Cat house of which she is patron. She shared how dogs are such wonderful companions and have been helping so many people remain active and cope with emotions caused by current events. xx

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