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Duchess of Cornwall uses her first Hashtag

The Duchess of Cornwall gives a speech
The Duchess of Cornwall spoke about Domestic Abuse Photo: Getty

The Duchess of Cornwall has been an advocate for several charities and organizations that aim to end domestic abuse and support survivors. This week, the Duchess spoke at the tenth annual Women of the World festival, of which she is president, to highlight the work being done by charities like Safe Lives and Refuge. Camilla has worked with both charities in the past and has spoken about the impact that working with survivors and hearing their stories has had on her.

During her speech, she admitted to not being the most tech-savvy but that she did know about Hashtags. She endorsed and shared the new #everybodysproblem campaign which aims to show how domestic violence and abuse is everybody's problem and therefore the solutions should be as well. During her speech she spoke about some of the harrowing statistics of domestic abuse and how the subjects is still largely taboo within our society saying in part;

"We must bring this taboo subject out in the open and talk about it.  We all need to understand what coercive control is, how insidious it is, and how often it leads to repeated violence.  At a recent SafeLives event, Suzanne Jacob said “we need to change the conversation from,  ‘Why doesn’t she leave?’ to ‘Why doesn’t he stop?’”.  How right she is."

- The Duchess of Cornwall

After her speech, the Duchess signed off on one of her first ever tweets on the Clarence House twitter page, using #everybodysproblem to raise more awareness of the campaign and domestic abuse. Before the event, the Duchess met members of the "Domestic Abuse: Everybody's Problem" panel which included campaigners, abuse survivors and Safe Life pioneers. xx

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