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Community Guidelines

By accessing this site or interacting with Women of Windsor on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok) you agree to the following:

  1. Speech: There is a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech, trolling, conspiracy theories or otherwise negative or harmful behavior. This includes but is not limited to:

    1. Use of racist, sexist, classist, homophobic or misogynistic language.

    2. Use of terms commonly associated with hate or troll accounts 

    3. Spreading unsubstantiated and/or harmful rumors

    4. Creating or sharing conspiracy theories

    5. Alleging mental illness, diagnosing neurological or mental conditions or alluding to eating disorders or addiction.

  2. Children: Targeting, spreading misinformation or bullying of children (kids under 18 years of age) is strictly prohibited. Negative comments on children's appearance or behavior will be blocked and reported immediately. 

  3. Politics: For everyone’s enjoyment, this is a politics free space. All are welcome to their opinions but political issues are not to be discussed on site.

  4. Discussion posts, comments or responses:

    1. Responses or comments will be respectful and adhere to community guidelines

    2. Women of Windsor reserves the right to remove posting privilege from anyone who is deemed to be in violation of community guidelines

  5. For security purposes please be aware that Women of Windsor will only require name and email. To learn more please check out our privacy policy.


All opinions are welcome and respectful discussions are encouraged and will be monitored to ensure guidelines are met. Failure to meet guidelines will result in loss of privilege in posting or commenting, or additional steps of blocking or reporting at the discretion of Women of Windsor.


Please note: Community Guidelines imply a level of basic human decency and therefore, even if specific guidelines are not broken, you may still be blocked or reported for failing to act courteously and respectfully to fellow human beings. If you believe you have been barred incorrectly, please contact Women of Windsor.

If interacting via social media, you are also subject to the community guidelines of each platform.

If you have any questions about this, please contact

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