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Camilla becomes patron of Safe Lives

Photo: Getty Images

The Duchess of Cornwall has marked her new patronage with safe lives by joining a call with Women of the World (WOW) for their 24 hour festival. The Duchess first began working with Safe Lives, a domestic abuse charity, in 2016 and since then she has met with survivors, frontline staff and professionals that work in partnership with the organization.

Photo: YouTube/SafeLives

Camilla spoke with WOW Founder Jude Kelly, Suzanne Jacob, the Chief Executive of SafeLives, and Gina Miller, campaigner and survivor of domestic abuse on her call. She told them how much the stories she heard at Safe Lives impacted her sharing that her first visit to Safe Lives "will always stick in my memory from the first visit I paid there…that was a moment when I thought, goodness I’ve got to do something to help these people.”

The Duchess has been raising awareness for domestic violence and abuse survivors for over a decade now having met with several organizations, charities and professionals both in the U.K. and overseas. Earlier this year Camilla spoke at the Women of the World festival where she launched the campaign, #everybodysproblem which aims to show that sexual violence and domestic abuse affects everybody.

During their conversation they discussed how the pandemic and lockdown has affected domestic violence victims, many of whom have been trapped with their abusers while some of them have managed to escape violent situations. Safe Lives aims to end domestic abuse and sexual violence for good and the Duchess of Cornwall affirmed her commitment to that mission. xx

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