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The Countess of Wessex hosts tea for Scar Free Foundation

The Countess of Wessex has been patron since 2002. Photo: Twitter/Royal Family

The Countess of Wessex hosted a tea in honor of the Scar Free Foundation's 20th anniversary at Buckingham Palace. Sophie has been patron of the organization since 2002 and supported their goal in creating scar free healing within a generation.

During the tea, The Countess met with children and families affected by scarring including six year old Elizabeth. Elizabeth and her parents, Liam and Sinead are sharing their experiences on scarring and using Elizabeth's story to raise awareness about scarring. Elizabeth has been treated by Professor Naiem Moieman who is the Director of the Centre for Conflict Wound Research. Elizabeth suffered severe burns during a fire at her family home in Qatar which left her with burns and scarring.

The Countess of Wessex played a game of hide and seek with six-year-old, Elizabeth. Photo: Twitter/Royal Family

Sophie opened the foundations new centre for Conflict Wound Research in Birmingham last year with the goal of minimizing and eliminating scarring from wounds or injuries sustained during conflict. Since many people with disfigurement or scarring can face prejudice or abuse because of a physical abnormality they hope to make it possible through research to achieve scar-free healing.

You can learn more about the research the foundation does here and if you would like to offer support, you can donate here. xx

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