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The York Princesses: Best of 2020

Photo: PA Images

Despite a particularly difficult year, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie managed to bring so much needed good news. From weddings to baby announcements to their continued charity work amidst a global pandemic, all while continuing their private jobs, they have truly managed to share some light and positivity throughout the year. Both sisters are now happily married, living in London and enjoying their work. Here are some of my absolute favorite moments of 2020 with the York Princesses.

10. Princess Beatrice's Made By Dyslexia Interview

Photo: Made By Dyslexia

Princess Beatrice shared more about her experience in school as a dyslexic person with Made by Dyslexia in May. Beatrice had spoken previously about the challenges she faced in school due to her dyslexia and has worked with several organizations through the years to try and change the narrative around dyslexia. She is particularly passionate about giving young dyslexic people the resources and tools they need from a young age in order to have a successful life. Skills based learning and tech enabled learning are some of her main focuses in order to help achieve this.

9. Princess Eugenie's celebration of Princess Beatrice's wedding

Photo: Princess Eugenie

After Princess Beatrice's surprise July wedding in Windsor, Princess Eugenie shared a casual photo with her sister from the night before to celebrate Beatrice and Edo. Princess Eugenie is one of the only royals with her own social media and she will often use it to share her work as well as special family milestones. As Princess Beatrice's wedding was much smaller than expected due to the ongoing pandemic, the informal shot was a very fitting way to celebrate her sister and new brother in law (and was one of my favorite royal photos of the year).

8. Princess Eugenie's Thank You to St. Mary's Chelsea and Royal Brompton Hospital

After her father-in-law, George, was hospitalized with Coronavirus and made a full recovery, Princess Eugenie shared a message of thanks on her social media page. She applauded the tireless work of healthcare professional, particualrly thanking those who had helped her husbands father when he was in hospital. Many members of the Royal Family shifted their focus this year to frontline workers and healthcare professionals as they put their lives on the line to help others. Princess Eugenie was among those who regularly volunteered to provide meals and deliver parcels to those in need.

7. Princess Beatrice Honeymoon in Italy

Following their July wedding, Princess Beatrice and her new husband, Edoardo, were seen in Italy with his son, Wolfie. Though it was not clear if the photos were of their honeymoon or just of a small family holiday (Edoardo;s family is originally from Italy). The newlyweds appeared to be having a wonderful time together during a period where travel was permitted in the U.K. this summer.

6. Princess Eugenie's first Instagram Live

Though Princess Eugenie is one of the only members of the family to have her own instagram that she controls, she had mainly kept to posts and stories to share news of some of the important work being done by organizations in the U.K. and around the world. However, she did her first instagram live this year with Together Bands. They discussed ways to prevent human trafficking, one of Princess Eugenie's main focuses that she works with the Anti-Slavery Collective on.

5. Princess Beatrice's Wedding Dress on Display at Windsor Castle


Though Princess Beatrice did not have the big wedding that some others in her family have had, she had something incredibly special that nobody else did. Her wedding dress belonged to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. She had it slightly altered for her big day but much of the dress remained the same from the the Queen had originally worn it. The dress was on display at Windsor Castle this summer along with her tiara, bouquet and shoes.

4. Princess Eugenie Volunteering with the Salvation Army

Photo: Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, were regularly seen volunteering with different charities during the pandemic in order to support vulnerable communities. The pair were seen delivering parcels, helping pack food and providing necessities to isolated communities. Eugenie and Jack worked with the Salvation Army this summer to help pack food which was to be distributed in food banks around the country. The Salvation Army has been assisting communities in crisis since 1865 and are one of the largest charities in the United Kingdom.

3. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie's work with the Teenage Cancer Trust

The York Princesses teamed up for a special zoom call with the Teenage Cancer Trust, of which they have both been longtime patrons. They were on hand for a special awards ceremony and took the time to see how the trust has continued to support those with Cancer throughout the Pandemic. Both Beatrice and Eugenie were moved to tears from the stories they heard from teenagers supported by Teenage Cancer Trust. Their call highlighted the importance of connection for cancer patients and the ways that the trust adapted to meet those needs for those they support.

2. Pregnancy Announcement of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

Photo: Princess Eugenie

Since the birth of their first child will almost certainly be the top highlight for the Princess Eugenie next year, Eugenie and Jacks pregnancy announcement was my second favorite moment from 2020. They revealed the news in an instagram post where they posed with small baby bear slippers. Baby Brooksbank is expected in early 2021 and some photos of Princess Eugenie leaving work show that she not only has impeccable maternity style but that their first baby hopefully won't be too far away. I'm currently predicting a late March or early April baby but they have not announced any specifics of when she is due.

1. The Wedding of Princess Beatrice & Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

Photo: Getty/PA

Despite the fact her original wedding was postponed before being cancelled in favor of a small ceremony amidst the Pandemic, the wedding of Beatrice and Edoardo seemed completely perfect. Had I been unaware of their plans prior to Covid, their July wedding was precisely what I would have expected from them. From the vintage dress to beautiful archways of flowers and the presence of her most beloved grandparents, their wedding was absolute perfection. I sincerely hope their day was as special and perfect as it appeared and that they will be able to have a party, if they choose to, once vaccines are widely distributed and it is safe to do so. Congratulations again to the newlyweds. xx

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