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The Sussex's moving forward

In the interest of being completely transparent, when I saw the Duchess of Sussex's visit to the Mayhew posted on the SussexRoyal Instagram, I wasn't sure how to write on it or if I even wanted to. It was a private visit and there weren't really any other details of the visit apart from what was included in the caption on the original post.

I didn't want to write a post that just repeated the information that was already available on their Instagram, and as much as I tried, I couldn't find any additional accurate details on the visit. I felt equally confused on how to post following Meghan's visit to women's charities in Canada for many of the same reasons. Parroting back what one maybe two sources have already shared isn't the reason I love to write about this family. I love hearing stories from the people they talk to during these visits that typically turn up in papers the next day, I like to hear about the conversations they are having and the impact it makes for the charities and organizations the royals support.

Obviously, there has been a lot going on with Harry and Meghan over the last three weeks since the announcement they would be stepping back from their roles as senior royals. The Queen made an announcement the following week on how there would be a transition period, but beginning in Spring 2020 Meghan and Harry would no longer be representing the Royal Family.

Since then, they haven't been heard from or seen too much. Harry attended a charity event for Sentebale, Meghan has been spotted a few times by paparazzi, and they have occasionally posted on their Instagram, including Meghan's trip to the Mayhew. Otherwise, they seem to be trying to build a private life for themselves in Canada. I have the utmost respect for their decision to step back in order to prioritize themselves and Archie. However, it has left fans in a bit of a limbo, waiting to see what they will do moving forward and how the plan announced by the Queen and Buckingham Palace will look like in practical terms moving forward.

I therefore have been trying to figure how to cover the Sussex's work when there frankly isn't any information about it apart from their aforementioned original posts. I've therefore decided I will be recapping month to month until there is more clarity on what is happening from this point on.

I will post a recap for the Duchess of Sussex's January appearances early next week and will be following this format until more information is available. Obviously, if any other official is released about this new arrangement I will create a post for that. If there is anything you would like to know more about or if you have an idea about how to better cover Meghan's work during this transition period, leave a comment below! xx

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