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The Queens Virtual Portrait Unveiling

Photo: Royal Family

The Queen had a virtual meeting with the Foreign Office to hear more about their ongoing Coronavirus response. Despite isolating at Windsor Castle, the Queen has continued supporting her government with weekly telephone calls with the Prime Minister and virtual meetings.

Photo: Dominic Lipinski

At the beginning of the meeting, the foreign office unveiled a new portrait they had commissioned of Her Majesty. It was the first Royal Portrait unveiling to be done virtually in history. The Foreign office commissioned the portrait as a “lasting tribute to her majesty’s contribution to British diplomacy.”

The Queen is no stranger to portraits, having sat for dozens of them during her unprecedented 63-year reign. The portrait was done by Spanish artist Miriam Escofet who won the BP Portrait Award in 2018. The portrait depicts the Queen in a bright blue dress, sitting in a gold cushioned chair beside a table with purple and green flowers.

The Queen looked quite happy with the finished product, smiling widely on the zoom call. She also shared her hope she would be able to see it real life someday rather than through video link.xx

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