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The Princess Royal in Essex and West Yorkshire

The Princess Royal views the collection at the Alfred Munnings Museum. Photo: Simon Ford

Though she does not receive the same press attention as the younger generation of Royals, Princess Anne is a hugely important staple in the British Royal Family. She is widely respected for her work ethic as she consistently clocks in towards the top for most engagements, usually neck in neck with her older brother, Prince Charles.

Recently she undertook two days of engagements in Essex and West Yorkshire visiting local charities, museums and businesses. The Princess Royal is patron to over three hundred organizations worldwide and is known for her direct and no nonsense work ethic.

For context of the Princess Royals workload; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a little less than one hundred patronages combined between them. While the younger Royals are trending towards having fewer patronages and more involvement in each of them (not to mention they are still growing and raising young families), it is simply to say that the Princess Royal's workload is incredibly heavy.

First, Princess Anne visited the Behind the lines exhibition at Munnings Museum and saw the collection of Alfred Munnings memorabilia. She then met volunteers and trustees of the museum before signing the visitors book.

Princess Anne views the process to make their custom board games at Geoffrey Park. Photo: Millie Burke

The Princess Royal then visited Geoffrey Parker, a bespoke board game company that is celebrating 60 years. She opened a new workshop in honor of their 60th anniversary after learning about how the games are made.

On her second day of engagements the Princess Royal opened the newly renovated Leeds Playhouse Theatre. The renovations included improvements to the performance space and added accessibility features.

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