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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Canada House

THe Duke and Duchess of Sussex chat with the High Commissioner and her team. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry visited Canada House to thank the Canadian High Commissioner for the warm hospitality the received during their holiday in the country. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex enjoyed an eight week break in Canada as a family of three. There were several reports of what the couple did over their holiday including family hikes on some of the trails around the estate they were rumored to be staying at in Vancouver Island.

The couple released an adorable photo of Prince Harry and Archie while on their holiday during their year end review. Otherwise the couple enjoyed privacy during their break and appear to be refreshed and rejuvenated for the new year.

Photo: Getty

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were greeted by Janice Charette, High Commissioner to the U.K. before enjoying tea in the British Columbia Room. Meghan and Harry were staying in Vancouver British Columbia so the setting was perfect to thank the High Commissioner and Canadians for the hospitality they received.

Meghan and Harry discussed some of the ways that the High Commissioner and her team support the relationship between the U.K. and Canada. During the visit they also viewed art by indigenous Canadian artist, Skawennati. Canada is a special place to Meghan as she lived there while filming her television series, Suits. It is rumored the couple will do much more work in the country in the coming years. Before leaving they met some fans outside who had come out to see them.

The Duke and Duchess will have another busy year ahead of them as they launch their charitable foundation. Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be where they likely drive the majority of their charity work through and is expected to launch this year.

Meghan and Harry departing from Canada House. Photo: PA

There are no other engagements announced for either the Harry or Meghan yet but they have not been announcing their engagements too far in advance for the past few months so more engagements could be coming soon. xx

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