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The Duchess of Sussex guest edits British Vogue

The Duchess of Sussex guest edited British Vogue. Photo: Vouge

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex has guest edited the September issue of British Vogue titled, Forces for Change. The Duchess selected fifteen women she sees as forces for changes and their accomplishments and activism is highlighted in the issue. 

Prior to her marriage, the Duchess ran a blog called The Tig and has long had a love of writing. Throughout the magazine the Duchess has written several pieces about how this project came to be and how she hopes it impacts its readers. She also conducted an email interview with former first lady, Michelle Obama. 

The Duke of Sussex also participated in his wife's project, interviewing Dr. Jane Goodall for the issue. The pair talked about the importance of conservation work and sustainability. The Duke also mentioned that he wants two kids maximum, due in large part to the burden that overpopulation puts on the planet. 

The issue, which took seven months to create, also revealed that the Duchess will be designing a capsule collection that will sell on a one for one basis. For every item purchased, another item will be donated to Smart Works, a charity that the Duchess if Patron of.  The Duchess of Sussex has long championed the cause of womens empowerment and women supporting other women. She writes that she hopes the capsule wardrobe will allow people to be part of each others stories. Prior to joining the Royal Family the Duchess had a love of fashion and while her fashion sense has become slightly more refined, her style has in large part remained the same. 

The Duchess has long been a fan of classic colors like navy, tan and black but has never been afraid to occasionally mix it up with a red dress or a leather skirt. While she has added a few more coats to her wardrobe since living in LA, she sticks with several staple pieces. While creating the issue, a behind the scenes photo showed her in an Everlane Jumpsuit featuring a tie waist similar to a few dresses she had worn previously, including a trench style pink dress she debuted in Australia and her first post-baby appearance where she stunned in a white trench dress with a tied waist. 

The issue is filled to the brim with the Duchess's personal touches from articles she has written to the women selected for the cover. The September Vogue issue is available now. 

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