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The Duchess of Cornwall visits the West Midlands

The Duchess of Cornwall visited Birmingham Children's Hospital to unveil a new window installation. Photo: Getty

The Duchess of Cornwall had a busy day that featured four engagements across the West Midlands. Camilla started her day at the Elmhurst Ballet school where she was greeted by the head boy and head girl before being given a tour of the Health and Well being centre. The Centre was under construction during her last visit to the school in 2014 . She sat in on a Year 7 class before watching a performance.

The Duchess spoke with staff at Elmhurst Ballet School. Photo: Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cornwall is patron of the school and met with pupils, staff and Vice President, Carlos Acosta during her visit. She also gave short speech to students before departing for her second stop of the day at Birmingham Children's Hospital. She opened a new 10 piece window installation alongside Felicity Dahl, the spouse of children author, Roald Dahl.

The installation featured some of Dahl's favorite characters including the BFG. The installation is housed in the hospitals waterfall house and the Duchess remarked how the windows "sprinkled magic" on the hospital. Camilla then met patients and four nurses from the Roald Dahl Charity, which the Duchess has worked with on several projects. Most recently, the Duchess hosted children being helped by the Roald Dahl Fund at Clarence House for a holiday party.

Camilla saw the craftsmanship from the Launer London brand at one of their factories. Photo: Jacob King/Getty Images

Next, the Duchess visited Walsall Library where she read the Gruffolo to Tiny Tots, a children's group hosted by the library. Camilla then met with groups who are using the newly renovated Lichfield Street Hub for training and job seeking. The Duchess has been a vocal advocate for the benefits of reading and has worked for many years to encourage a new generation of readers.

During her final stop of the day the Duchess of Cornwall toured the Launer London Factory. Launer is a British Luxury brand that is handcrafted in the country. Camilla met the CEO of the company, Gerald Bodmer and was able to see the craftsmanship of the brand first hand. The Duchess has accessorized with a Launer Tosca Clutch bag for the day. She tried her hand at gold blocking before departing her final engagement of the day. xx

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