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The Duchess of Cornwall visits Swindon

Photo: Tim Rooke/REX

Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall visited Swindon Borough Council to hear more about how staff, volunteers, and residents have been coping over the last several months. The register's office has now helped rearrange over 100 marriages and have begun working to catch up on the backlog which includes over 900 babies who have not yet been registered due to lockdown.

Photo: PA Images

She joined the Councils live well hub who help isolated residents supported by a network of volunteers. Throughout the pandemic they have made over 8,000 welfare calls and the Duchess helped them pack their 1,000th food parcel. The parcels and calls are made to isolated residents who do not have family support available to them.

During her visit the Duchess of Cornwall also met key workers including firefighters, hospital staff and paramedics. The firefighters have maintained their prevention, protection and emergency response arrangements as well as taking on additional roles in order to help relieve pressures on paramedic and hospital staff. During lockdown they began taking on first aid responsibilities in order to help more. xx

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