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The Duchess of Cornwall invites Safe Lives to Clarence House

Camilla Parker Bowles with guests at Clarence House
The Duchess speaks with guests during the reception. Photo: Twitter/RoyalFamily

In continuing her work of supporting survivors of domestic abuse, the Duchess of Cornwall hosted a reception at Clarence House to mark the 15th anniversary of Safe Lives. With a motto of "what would you want for your best friend" Safe Lives has helped over a hundred thousand adults and children last year alone.

Their mission is to end domestic abuse by looking at the whole picture and listening to survivors to advance and continue to grow the services they offer. The Duchess gave a speech at the event saying in part;

"I had the privilege of hearing incredibly brave women (some of whom are here today) standing up to tell their stories. Harrowing stories that reduced many of us listeners to tears. But with each story that is told, the taboo around domestic abuse weakens and the silence that surrounds it is broken, so other sufferers can know that there is hope for them and they are not alone."

The visit coincided with Safe Lives #ImASurvivor campaign for valentines day, a reminder that this holiday can be very difficult or triggering for some people, like survivors of domestic abuse. The Duchess first visited Safe Lives in 2016 and she has continued to support the organization since. She has worked with domestic violence and domestic abuse organization for over a decade.

Domestic violence impacts millions around the world and getting help can be difficult due to concerns for safety of oneself or ones children, pets or other dependents. If you or someone you know needs help, you can learn more on how to ask for help safely, here. xx

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