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The Duchess of Cornwall at Prospect Hospice

The Duchess of Cornwall spoke to staff during her visit. Photo: PA

Prospect Hospice has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a visit from the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla is president of the Hospice and was on hand to unveil a new embroidery that was hand-sewn by the Marlborough Embroidery Guild. The embroidery depicts the Savernake forests in Wiltshire and took thirty women over four years to create.

After unveiling the new embroidery the Duchess of Cornwall joined people helped by the bereavement support group offered by Prospect Hospice for tea and conversation. The hospice not only cares for and comfort patients but supports relatives after a loved ones death. The charity supports over 300,000 people in their loval community with illness and bereavement.

Camilla unveiled a new embroidery as part of the hospices 40th anniversary celebration. Photo: PA

The Duchess toured the facilities offered by prospect hospice, meeting with staff, patients and volunteers. Camilla even tried on the hospice's virtual reality headset during her visit. Before departing, the Duchess cut a cake in celebration of the forty years of service that the hospice has given the community. xx

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