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The Countess of Wessex visits Operational Support Hub

Photo: PA

The Countess of Wessex has continued to volunteer at local organizations throughout the pandemic and has now lent her services to St. Johns Ambulances Operational Support Hub. Sophie visited with volunteers and staff to thank them for the work that they have done in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Countess is Grand President of St. Johns Ambulance which is a non-governmental volunteer led charity founded in 1877. They provide first aid training as well as providing first aid services to the community. During her visit she helped to organize PPE shipments for ambulance crews and hospital staffs across the United Kingdom.

Photo: PA

Sophie has been volunteering throughout the pandemic with local organizations to help deliver food parcels, equipment and meals to hospital staff, vulnerable communities and frontline workers. Over the past several months the work she has done and continues to do has attracted much more attention from royal fans and the public. As her youngest son is now twelve and she and her husband are active and healthy, she has been one of the only royals able to go out and volunteer during the pandemic.

The Queen is remaining at Windsor Castle indefinitely in isolation along with her husband, Prince Philip. Meanwhile, Charles and Camilla have self-isolated in Scotland since they are both over 65 and considered to be vulnerable (Prince Charles contracted the virus in April but has since recovered). Finally, William and Catherine have three children under seven that they have been homeschooling since April while continuing remote work at their country home in Norfolk.

The Countess of Wessex has long been a fan favorite but with her work getting more attention now, there is even more love for the Queen's daughter-in-law. xx

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