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The Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise's Hockey Outing

The Countess of Wessex talked with players and coaches during their visit. Photo: Twitter/Royal Family

Lady Louise joined her mother Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, for a visit to the National Sports Centre at Bisham Abbey. The Centre is the current training grounds for both of England's hockey team. Sophie has been patron of England Hockey since 2006 and is a long time fan of the sport and she seems to be passing on the love of the sport to her daughter. Lady Louise was seen cheering on England Hockey with her mother in 2014 during the Commonwealth games. She seemed very comfortable with a hockey stick during today's appearance.

Lady Louise took part in some hitting and passing practice with England's Women hockey team before she joined Sophie to watch a training game. With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, England Hockey is hard at work practicing in the hope of coming home with some medals.

Lady Louise showed off her hocket skills during some practice drills. Photo: Twitter/Royal Family

Sophie spoke with some players and team coaches while Lady Louise got in some practice shots. The Countess has largely kept her children out of the spotlight to allow them a chance to grow up as normally as possible but Lady Louise has been accompanying her mother on more relaxed and sports centered visits more frequently over the past few years.

The mother and daughter duo seemed to have a great time despite what looked like some cold weather. With the Holiday break officially over, more royals are returning to work and The Countess of Wessex will likely have more engagements scheduled in the coming weeks. xx

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