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The Duchess of Sussex's surprise visit to Luminary Bakery

The Duchess of Sussex poses for a photo with the women at Luminary Bakery. Photo: SussexRoyal Instagram

To celebrate the opening of Luminary Bakeries new location in Camden, the Duchess of Sussex made a surprise visit to the grassroots organization. The bakery supports women from disadvantaged or vulnerable places to give them a safe space to heal and grow. The Duchess featured the bakery on the SussexRoyal instagram earlier in the year and shared a video of her most recent visit.

Meghan has long been an advocate for women and women's rights. Much of her work focuses on how to best support women and how we all can work to uplift one another. Another massive focus for both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is community and bringing communities together. Luminary Bakery is one of several organizations working everyday to combine those two areas by providing women a community that they can grow in.

The Duchess of Sussex receives a gift from the women at Lumnary Bakery during her visit. Photo: SussexRoyal

While the visit was unannounced to the public, we were given a glimpse into the engagement by an exclusive article the Telegraph published where the Duchess discussed vulnerability and shared her insecurities and fears with the women. Meghan also shared the expectation she feels when visiting places whether at home or abroad with the women and how she wants everyone to be relaxed around her.

The Duchess will be attending events in honor of Remembrance Day this weekend and then will be taking a six week break with her husband according to reports. xx

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