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Queen Elizabeth's first public engagement of 2020

The Queen opening a new facility at a hospital
The Queen visited UCLH to open a new facility. Photo: Twitter/Royal Family.

Her Majesty undertook her first public appearance of 2020 with a visit to University College London Hospital (UCLH) to open a new facility. She also met patients, staff and volunteers during her visit before learning more about the creative play sessions provided for families to help children prepare for treatment.

The Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals conduct groundbreaking research and develop new ways to treat rare and complex dental, ear, nose, throat, hearing and balance conditions. The Hospitals form one of Europe's largest centres for the treatment of ear, nose, throat, hearing, speech and balance conditions. Each year they take over 200,000 appointments treating a wider variety of cases.

The Queen with a bouquet of flowers
The Queen was gifted a bouquet by eleven year old Aaliyah. Photo: Press Association

The Queen met patients who had been treated at the facility including Lily, who has had two cochlear implants to help her hearing. She then toured the pediatric wing where she met families and children who are receiving treatment. Her Majesty learned more about the play sessions that they offer to help children deal with treatment anxiety and to learn more about their condition.

The Queen unveiled a plaque to officially open the new premises of the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals. Before departing the Queen was given a bouquet of flowers from eleven year old Aaliyah who has been hearing impaired since birth and had a cochlear implant surgery last year. xx

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