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Princess Eugenie and the Anti-Slavery Collective

Princess Eugenie spoke on the issue of modern slavery at UN HQ in New York. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock

In 2017, Princess Eugenie launched the Anti-Slavery Collective with Julia de Boinville with the goal or raising awareness for and putting an end to modern day slavery. It is estimated that roughly 40.3 million people are currently in slavery, the highest amount in human history.

The Anti-Slavery Collective has been Princess Eugenie's main focus of her charity work since its founding. Both Julia and Eugenie regularly attend conferences and panels that focus on the issue of slavery to learn more about the issue and highlight the ongoing problem on a larger stage.

There are several projects in the works with the anti-slavery collective including ways to combat trafficking using technology (#techtacklestrafficking) and a podcast that will continue to highlight the issues of modern day slavery. The Collective continues to work to try and connect people in order to have a global network that works together towards one common goal: Ending modern day slavery.

The Anti-Slavery Collective has partnered with McCain to tackle the issue of Modern Slavery. Photo: PrincessEugenie Instagram

When tackling this issue, it is important to define what modern slavery means and update our perception on slavery with a more advanced society. Anti-Slavery International has said that someone is in slavery if they are being forced to work through coercion, owned or controlled by an 'employer' by mental or physical abuse, dehumanized or treated as a commodity, or physically restrained.

This issue is multi-faceted but certain populations,, including migrants, are much more likely to be trafficked. This means people displaced by war, violence or environmental disasters are more vulnerable to being exploited.

Princess Beatrice's work with the Anti-Slavery Collective is in addition to her personal job and the other ways she supports her grandmother, the Queen. It is definitely a passion project for the Princess and shows through her dedication. xx

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