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Peter and Autumn Philips announce separation

Peter and Autumn Phillips at Sandringham for Christmas service in 2017. Photo: Getty Images

It was confirmed by a spokesperson for Peter and Autumn Philips that the couple have decided to separate. Peter and Autumn decided to separate last year and the Queen was told of their decision at the time. They will continue living in Gloucester and are prioritizing their daughters, Savannah and Isla Phillips.

Peter is the Queens oldest grandchild and was born fourth in line for the throne. He is now fifteenth in line as the oldest child of Princess Anne. The pair met in Canada in 2003 and their engagement was announced in 2007 before their 2008 wedding.

While Autumn is originally from Canada, she will be remaining in the U.K. as it is in the best interest of their children. Autumn and Peter married 12 years ago in a ceremony at St. Georges Chapel on the grounds of Windsor. Both parties are said to be sad about the separation but are confident is is the best choice not only for their daughters but their continued friendship.

As neither Phillip or Autumn were "working royals" the divorce will not change much for Royals in the public. Autumn may still attend Christmas or Easter services with the family should the invitation be extended. It is unlikely we will see her at official functions like Trooping the Colour as neither Princess Diana or the Duchess of York attended such events following their divorces. However, Royal Family members are always updating and changing precedents so the way forward could be entirely up to them.

The couple have requested privacy during this time and given the amount of appearances other Royals have been doing, there is plenty of other royal news to cover. xx

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