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On Current Events

Black Lives Matter; I have and will continue to support the movement in whatever ways I can. That being said, I am fully aware I have not always been the type of ally the black community needs. I have not always listened or challenged my own biases, I have been complacent because I was not confronted with the struggles of the black community everyday. But I will continually aim to be better, to listen and to learn from those who experience this struggle every single day. I will move out of the way to let them speak, I will amplify their voices and use the anger I feel about this injustice in a constructive and beneficial way to prioritize the needs of the black community.

That being said, I have seen comments from other royal watchers wondering how to share the news and the work of the royals at the moment without seeming completely tone deaf and ignorant about what is going on in the world. I am not by any stretch of the imagination an expert on this subject and I do not want to add to the noise right now if it is not going to be constructive. Therefore, I will only be sharing or amplifying the voices of the black community in regards to this subject. I will retweet and like, I will post articles, videos, songs, movies, podcasts or books that amplify black voices but I will not be speaking up or over anyone in the black community as I feel adding my voice at this time would not be of any benefit to this movement.

I will continue posting about the royals as normal, sharing any and all work that they are doing and updating the blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As I have shared before, the Royals have always acted as a source of positive news in my life, I feel inspired by the work they do and it shows me that there is much more good in the world than bad, a reminder I think we could all use right now.

If you would like to use this as an escape or as something positive to give yourself a mental health break with everything going on right now, that is completely acceptable and welcome. I will probably be doing the same to a degree. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and looking after themselves, their loved ones and their communities. xx

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