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Coronation Week

I’ve been an avid royal watcher for twelve years since the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 2011 and while I've never experienced a coronation, I have experienced royal weddings, royal births, countless royal tours, royal funerals and everything in between. Therefore, I know that people who don't normally spend time in this online space will probably be visiting this week since the royals will be receiving more press coverage than they typically do.

If you are visiting for the first time, WELCOME!

A few things to note about my page. I do everything in my power to keep this page positive, uplifting, happy and loving. I fundamentally believe everyone is entitled to respect and basic human decency both on and offline. Please interact accordingly.

As you can probably tell, this is a royals page and I support the British Royal Family and the Constitutional Monarchy of the United Kingdom, but I know not everyone does. It is completely fine to have a difference of opinion and I will respect your opinion on the matter as long as you respect mine. As social media does not lend itself to healthy or reasonable debate, please know that I am not going to try and change your mind about the monarchy and I ask you extend the same courtesy back to me. I will hide or delete any replies that are anti-monarchy as I want this space to be an enjoyable one for people, like myself, who enjoy royal watching.

For people who are new to royal watching and have questions about the members of the Royal Family, the history of the monarchy or are curious about what a coronation even is, I am happy to answer questions! I’m not a historian or a “royal expert” (but most royal accounts on here would tell you, “royal experts” don’t really exist) but as mentioned above, I’ve been following this family for well over a decade and I have a degrees in English, Communications and Public Relations plus I work in Social Media which makes me fairly media literate. I love talking about the royals and educating people on them so feel free to reply to ask anything. I’m most active on Twitter but I also have an Instagram I’ll be monitoring.

If you’ve been around royal social media or the royal watching community for a while, a few things I beg you to remember:

  • There will be more attention on the BRF this week, which will come with both praise and criticism. Please focus on the positive

  • As there will be more attention on the BRF, especially C&C, please represent the fan base well. Be kind and positive and overall, just be a good ambassador for this community because the online royal community can be so amazing when people want it to be.

  • Do not gate-keep. A lot of people become interested in the royals or become fans after big events like this as it can sometimes be their first memorable interaction involving royalty or they get curious about them after events like this. Be welcoming & kind & patient to all

  • Social Media isn’t a great format for nuance and people love to misinterpret so if you are wondering if you should share something or not (just for this weekend) please don’t share it. It would be wonderful if we could keep drama to an absolute minimum this week so that we can all properly enjoy this historic moment.

  • HAVE FUN! This is the first coronation in seventy years, the first one ever for the vast majority of us, so remember to try and enjoy it. Take a break from being online and properly soak it in. We will all be here waiting for you and you won’t miss anything important because you stepped away from social media for an hour or two.

I will personally be taking time to properly enjoy this week so if I’m not on social media every moment:

  1. I have a day job that requires my attention before this hobby

  2. I’ll be enjoying myself and I’ll come back online when it works best for me.

That being said, I do have plans to do a full in-depth recap next Sunday after its all said and done about all of my thoughts, feelings and other random musings so that will hopefully be something that you all can enjoy.

Everyone get excited, this week is going to be wonderful ❤️

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