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Meghan Interviews founder & CEO of the 19th*

Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex interviewed Emily Ramshaw who is the co-founder and CEO the 19th* via zoom. The 19th* is a nonprofit and nonpartisan newsroom which reports on gender, politics and policy that was launched this year. Meghan conducted the interview from her new home in Santa Barbara and mentioned during their conversation how happy she was to be home.

Photo: The Duchess of Sussex/The 19th*

The pair discussed the reasons that having a platform like the 19th* is important and the ways in which they hope to bring change to the media landscape. The Duchess of Sussex has long been a vocal advocate for women’s rights and has more recently begun campaigning for fair and balanced media coverage. The 19th* is a combination of those two goals that Meghan has been focusing on.

Meghan and Emily spoke about the progress that has been made in the women’s movement and discussed the issues that still need to be fixed. The 19th* is named after the nineteenth amendment of the United States which gave white women the right to vote in the country. The pair discussed the importance of voting and why it is so vital that women consistently show up to vote.

This conversation is the first of many that Meghan has had with women centered and media centered organizations since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stopped representing the Queen and Monarchy as working royals. To watch the full interview click here. xx

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