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Harry & Meghan volunteer in Los Angeles

Photo: Matt Sayles

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex volunteered at Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles which provides necessities for children living in poverty. The pair showed up to help distribute school supplies to students in need during a drive-by/pick-up event. Due to coronavirus there are more students than ever in need of basic supplies, which Baby2Baby aims to help deliver.

Christian Monterrosa for the Duke & Duchess of Sussex

They both wore face masks and gloves for the event, following the local ordinances in California pertaining to coronavirus safety measures. Their visit was shared via the Baby2Baby Instagram page where they could be seen handing out supplies to the families who drove up to the event.

They also made a special visit to the Preschool Learning Centre where they helped to replant the preschools garden. They listened to nursery rhymes while planting flowers alongside some of the children. Prince Harry is said to have brought along some forget-me-not seeds, said to be one of his mother's favorite flowers.

As California continues to report more cases, mask mandates and limits on the number of people allowed to come to events still remain in place. It is therefore unlikely to see Harry and Meghan in person at an official event anytime soon. They are, however, continuing to support their charities and charitable interests via zoom calls. xx

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