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Harry & Meghan speak with QCT about Digital For Good

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have joined the Queens Commonwealth Trust for another virtual conversation. This time the focus was on building positive online communities and the importance of building up these communities for the next generation. Participants were included from several commonwealth countries including Zambia, Australia and, of course, the United Kingdom.

Photo: Queens Commonwealth Trust

Each participant spoke about how having a positive online community and diversifying online communities have helped them in their own lives. They also shared how they hope to help others and grow kinder online communities in their different areas of work.

Harry & Meghan have recently joined campaigns such as Stop Hate for Profit and began advocating for changes in social media to help change the online landscape. Meghan added that creating a more positive online space is not about agreeing with everyone online all the time but rather being able to have a healthy discourse.

Prior to stepping down from the Royal Family, Kensington Palace and Sussex Royal had created new community guidelines on their social media pages. KensingtonRoyal still abides by those guidelines and it is expected that Harry & Meghan’s future online platforms (SussexRoyal was closed in March 2020) will have similar community rules.

To watch their full discussion click here. xx

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