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Duchess of Cornwall Thanks Youth Action Before Visiting Chelsea Pensioners

Photo: PA

The Duchess of Cornwall visited Youth Action in Wiltshire this summer to thank them for all the work that they have done during the pandemic. The Youth Action centre closed during lockdown but has since reopened and is allowing small groups of carers to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Photo: PA

One of the activities they can participate in is Archery as well other team-centered activities designed to help build their confidence and self-esteem.

Camilla spoke briefly before departing saying in part “I just want to say how grateful everybody is for all you do...I know how hard it’s been for you, especially over lockdown.” Since lockdown was lifted the Duchess has visited numerous charities focused on hearing from frontline workers and thanking them for their tireless work.

Her Royal Highness visited the Royal Hospital Chelsea the following day to review the Chelsea Pensioners on parade. Parades continue to be an important element of the Royal Family's public work as it highlights many of the exemplary regiments across the British Armed services.

Photo: PA

The hospital was forced to cancel their Founder’s Day parade in the beginning of June due to the ongoing pandemic. The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded in 1682 by King Charles II in order to give veterans a place to live after retiring from their duties.

Royal Hospital Chelsea is now home to over three hundred men and women, all of whom were former soldiers in the British Army. Camilla was also treated to the band of the Household Calvary during her socially distanced visit. The Duchess of Cornwall serves in several honorary military positions, which the Queen appoints. xx

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