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Countess of Wessex visits Kenya

Photo: Twitter/TheRoyalFamily

Sophie, Countess of Wessex has concluded a two day trip to Kenya that focused on gender equality, combating sexual violence during conflict and girls education. The trip comes after the Countess of Wessex pledged to make the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and the UK's Preventing sexual violence in conflict initiative center pillars of her work.

During the trip the Countess spoke at the 12th Commonwealth Women's affair Minister meetings in Nairobi. During her speech she spoke to the importance of women's voices being heard when peace is being negotiated and to include women in all areas including monitors, peacekeepers and political leaders.

The trip also included a visit to RefuSHE, a refugee charity that protects, supports, educates and empowers girls who have fled their homelands due to violence, conflict or war. The organization was founded over ten years ago and has grown to be a community for and by refugee girls. Women and Girls learn textile skills which help them to earn an independent income.

The Countess also launched the Next Platform for Girls Education at the Moi Girls school and discussed Women, Peace and Security at the International Peace Support Training Center. She learned about the Women, Peace, Support (WPS) and Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) training that is given to military units deploying in neighboring countries.

The trip was conducted on behalf of her Majesty the Queen (as all official Royal visits and tours to Commonwealth nations are) with the Countess of Wessex returning to the United Kingdom to give a full report of the work being done in Kenya.

The Countess of Wessex is scheduled to visit Somerset, alongside her husband, this week to attend Evensong at Wells Cathedral. xx

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