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Countess of Wessex supports survivors in Kosovo

The Countess met with faith leaders to discuss the steps they are taking to support survivors. Photo: Royal Family Twitter

During her two days in Kosovo, The Countess of Wessex met with survivors of sexual violence and learned more about the 1998-1999 conflict and what Kosovo leaders are doing to support survivors. Earlier this year, the Countess backed the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) and has been travelling to areas where sexual violence and abuse has affected large numbers of women.

The Countess met with Vasfije and Shyhrete, the only two women of thousands who have shared their stories of sexual violence during the Kosovo Conflict. She visited the Heroinat memorial with them to honor the sacrifices that women made both during the conflict and following it.

The Countess of Wessex talks with Vasfije and Shyhrete. Photo: Royal Family Twitter

Sophie then met with judges, prosecutors and police to learn more about the challenges of bringing these perpetrators to justice. She then went on to meet with Religious leaders in Kosovo to learn how they are taking action against the atrocities. Faith leaders will now be expressing support for a worldwide 'Declaration of Humanity' at the Time for Justice Conference later this month.

Finally, Sophie met with British soldiers deployed by NATO who are helping to keep the peace in the country. The Countess, emphasised the importance of women being part of the peacekeeping process both now and in the future.

The Countess has backed the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative and has been working with groups and communities to end sexual violence in conflict. xx

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