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The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales commission HMS Prince of Wales

Photo: Press Association

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were at the Commissioning ceremony which marks the official acceptance of the HMS Prince of Wales into the Royal Navy. As per a good luck tradition, the Duchess of Cornwall is the ships sponsor while the Prince of Wales is admiral of the fleet. Charles served in the Royal Navy and attended the Royal Naval College Dartmouth.

The couple had previously attended the ships naming ceremony in Scotland and Charles gave the command in 2016 for the final section of the vessel to be lowered in place. The HMS Prince of Wales is the Royal Navy's second aircraft ship and sister ship of the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Duchess of Cornwall inspecting ranks of the Royal Navy. Photo: Twitter/Clarence House

Prior to the ceremony Charles and Camilla inspected the front and rear ranks of the Royal Navy which make up the ships company. The Duchess of Cornwall then gave a speech to the ships company and those in attendance for the ceremony. Events such as these tend to be more formal, following older traditions that are meant to bring good luck to the vessel and crew.

Charles and Camilla spoke with the crew and contractors following the ceremony as well as catching up with some friends. Bear Grylls and Camilla were able to talk while the Prince of Wales met up with some of the men who served alongside him during his time in the Royal Navy.

The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales will likely only have a handful of appearances before the holidays when they are able to enjoy some time with their families between Christmas and the New Year. xx

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