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Catherine in Denmark

Photo: John Sibley

It has been a long time since I've been able to write about a royal tour abroad. While the royals kept fans occupied throughout the pandemic with virtual engagements, then socially distanced in-person engagements and finally with visits around the United Kingdom, it brings me more joy than you can know to be writing about a foreign tour, even a short one.

Catherine visited Denmark with the Royal Foundations Centre for Early Childhood to learn more about the practical applications that Denmark has set up to help give every child the best start in life. The visit was definitely work centered, with Catherine undertaking six engagements in a span of twenty four hours, which gave fans a lot of memorable moments.

The first stop for the Duchess of Cambridge was with Centre for Early Intervention and Family Studies at the University of Copenhagen. The centre integrates theoretical and applied research on the mental health of 0-6 year old children with the goal of strengthening the psychological, social, and healthcare related efforts to aid parental resources as well as mental health in infancy and early childhood. Her Royal Highness then spoke to parents that benefited from the 'Understanding Your Baby Project' at Børnemuseet Children's Museum.

Photo: Getty Images

During her final stop on day one, Catherine visited the ‘play lab’ where Six university colleges in Denmark have come together with the LEGO Foundation with the ambitious vision to strengthen children’s creative, experimental and playful approach to the world. Her Royal Highness made quite an entrance, coming down on a slide which she managed in heels and resulted in some of the most popular photos of the day.

Other news from day one came when Catherine admitted to feeling broody when around young children, even joking that William gets nervous she is going to come home wanting just one more baby. While it's not the first time William and Catherine have joked about a fourth Cambridge baby, that door does seem to be closed (despite how much fans, myself included, would love it).

Day two began with a visit to Stenurten Forest Kindergarten. Her Royal Highness took part in outdoor activities that focus on children’s social and emotional skills. The outdoors are widely recognized as having huge benefits on children's mental health and well-being and Catherine has championed getting kids back to nature previously, including helping to design a permanent play structure at RHS Wisley.

Catherine seamlessly transitioned from playful Princess to dignified Duchess for a meeting with Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary. The Queen of Denmark is celebrating her Golden Jubilee this year and the three royals met at Amalienborg Palace before Catherine and Mary continued to another engagement.

The future Queen Consorts first met in 2011 and reunited at Royal Ascot in 2016. The two royals have drawn comparisons over the years not only for their sleek and classic style but as two commoners who met and married future Kings. The pair visited the Danner Crisis Centre which is supported by the Mary Foundation, the eponymous foundation started by the Crown Princess in 2007. The visit focused on the Centre’s work for the early years. Catherine departed for the airport afterwards, bringing her first foreign tour since the pandemic to a close.

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