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Camilla wears a mask on visits around London

Photo: Max Mumby Indigo

The Duchess of Cornwall sported a peacock patterned mask for a day of visits around London. In keeping with government guidelines, Her Royal Highness accessorized with the coordinating mask, the first time she was spotted in one, on visits to the National Gallery and Boots. The Duchess was one of the first members of the Royal Family to be seen wearing a mask as the British Royal Family have been following government guidelines which only recently instituted any type of mask policy.

Photo: Prince of Wales Website

She first visited the National Gallery upon its reopening after it had been closed for 111 days. Camilla was able to see Gallery 21 and Gallery 32. The museum has opened with some new changes such as one-way galleries, social distancing measures, enhanced cleaning regimens and recommending face masks for all visitors.

She then continued on to visit Boots, a pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom. In only five days Boots was the first to set up and run a drive through COVID-19 testing station for NHS workers. They have now trained hundreds of Boots colleagues on how to properly administer the tests. Camilla remarked how important the work they had been doing way saying “You have been a lifeline for a lot of people... so thank you very much indeed.”

Photo: PA

The visit came as several members of the Royal Family began to highlight the businesses that were re-opening or remained open as essential services during lockdown. As restrictions eased, it became a goal for several working Royals to encourage others to safely support local and essential businesses.

Boots also partnered with Hestia Charity during lockdown to provide victims of domestic abuse access to specialist support and advice from a safe consultation room. Since many survivors were self-isolating with their perpetrators it became much more difficult to access resources or help.

The Duchess of Cornwall supports several domestic violence charities within the United Kingdom. Most recently, she became patron of Safelives which aims to end domestic abuse through several initiatives that attempt to transform the response to domestic abuse. xx

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