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William & Catherine check out "Hold Still" Images on Display in London

Photo: PA Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in London today to look at some of the Hold Still images that have recently gone on display around the city. Catherine spearheaded the Hold Still project with her patronage, The National Portrait Gallery, to capture an image of the nation during Lockdown.

Photo: PA Images

Hold Still not only captures a snapshot of the nation during lockdown but also brings attention to how the pandemic has affected people across the country. Coronavirus has brought mental health problems to the forefront of national discussion due to the toll of lockdown, social distancing and isolation.

After viewing some of the billboards, William & Catherine met with NHS workers at St. Barts. Three of the workers they met with were featured in the final 100 images of the Hold Still exhibit. The image, "All in this Together" showcased the camaraderie of the NHS community. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have spent much of lockdown connecting with frontline workers both in person and online to hear about how they are coping in the pandemic and highlighting the invaluable work they do.

The Duchess of Cambridge has long been a keen photography and is well known for releasing portraits of her own family to mark milestones. Having studied History of Art at St. Andrews University, she has been patron of the National Portrait Gallery since 2012.

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