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William and Catherine support local businesses

Photo: Aaron Chown/Getty Images

As lockdown restrictions have begun to be lifted, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been visiting local businesses to find out more about how they are adapting their businesses in response to coronavirus. Prince William visited Smiths the Bakers while Catherine went to Fakenham Garden Center. Both businesses were closed during the lockdown but are now beginning to open.

Photo: PA

Smiths the Bakers has been serving Kings Lynn for fifty years. Prince William spoke to owners and staff at the bakery about the impact that the pandemic has had on the family run business. Roughly 80% of the bakery's wholesale customers have had to close their own operations during the lockdown.

The Bakery has modified how it runs in order to guarantee the safety of employees and customers which includes protective plastic by the register and social distancing measures. Prince William shared that the Cambridge kids have been baking quite a lot during the lockdown and he purchased some pain au chocolat for George, Charlotte and Louis. Before departing Prince William was presented with a cake from the bakery ahead of his 38th birthday.

Photo: Aaron Chown/Getty

Meanwhile the Duchess of Cambridge visited Fakenham Garden Centere, also in Kings Lynn near the family's norfolk home. Catherine, an avid gardener, met with the shops owners and staff where she found out more about the measures they are taking to ensure customers can visit and shop safely.

Catherine did some shopping of her own, picking out several plants and flowers while maintaining social distancing. She shared that she loved bringing her kids to garden centers and that they had been spending a lot of time outdoors during lockdown in their garden. The Duchess also shared that it is so important to get out and that her only outings had been to the grocery store.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visits came as the Queen released a message of support for businesses who were beginning to open back up. xx

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