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William and Catherine celebrate Canada Day

Photo: PA/Getty

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have marked Canada day with a call to frontline workers at Fraser Health Surrey Memorial Hospital in British Columbia. They spoke with six medical professionals via zoom to hear about how treatment has changed since Coronavirus and how they were doing.

Photo: YouTube/Royal Family

They admitted it has presented new and unique challenges, namely that the family centered care that they are used to and that they value has changed drastically. One doctor shared how they would bring phones in for FaceTime calls or help set up zoom meetings so that families could check in on and speak to patients since they cannot come in to visit or be with their loved ones.

Doctors admitted not being able to get to know the families as well as the patients has been a huge struggle throughout the pandemic. One pregnant frontline worker shared that she wished she was able to have her support system closer to her during this time, and especially during her pregnancy.

Photo: Film Magic

They shared that the silver lining has been how much closer they all have gotten as co-workers, forming a sort of work family. Throughout the process they have really had to trust one another and lean on one another for support since their at-home families have to remain socially distanced from them.

William and Catherine shared their immense thanks with the workers and that they were in complete admiration of them. The Duke of Cambridge even said that they would like to come visit one day once it was safe again. A future visit would be the couples third tour of the country since their marriage in 2011.

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