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The Wales's and Cambridge's joint visit

Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Catherine joint engagement
The couples toured the facility before talking with staff and patients. Photo: WPA Pool/Getty

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a visit to the Defense Medical Rehabilitation Centre. Prince William was patron of the Centres fundraising appeal and both William and Charles have a long history of supporting the armed forces and veterans.

The foursome was given a tour of the facility which provides rehab treatment to serving military who have suffered battlefield, neurological or other injuries and illnesses. While the centre only treats serving military personnel, veterans are welcome to come for an assessment. Both Prince William and Prince Harry have focused much of their work on helping military personnel re-acclimate to civilian life and have spoken about the importance of mental health in addition to physical health for members serving in the armed forces and veterans.

The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Nottinghamshire
The group arrived in Nottinghamshire to tour the new facility. Photo: PA

William joined in on a game of wheelchair basketball and managed to hit a shot (with a little help from Prince Charles). Both Catherine and Camilla were on hand to learn more about the work the DMRC does everyday as well as meeting staff and patients. The visit was the first joint appearance for the Wales's and Cambridge's since 2011 and was a wonderful show of unity for Royals Fans to enjoy.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall continued on to Leicester City Centre after the visit while William and Catherine returned home, presumably in time for school pick up. At Leicester City Centre Charles and Camilla met with stallholders and members of a local women's charity.

The Royals have been keeping busy this winter so there is likely to be some more engagements before the weekend, though nothing has officially been announced. xx

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