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The Royals in June 2020

Photo: Getty

I was looking back at posts from the end of 2019, specifically when I made predictions for the royals in 2020. Obviously, those predictions seem comical now given everything that has happened so far in 2020. So I have decided to try guessing just one month ahead and seeing how I do. So here are my predictions for the Royal Family in June 2020.

Photo: Twitter/Royal Family

June is typically one of the best months for Royal Watchers as there are a plethora of events attended annually by the Royal Family. Between their regular charity visits, volunteer engagements, Trooping the Colour, Garter Day and Royal Ascot the June calendar is typical years is quite full. Of course, this year is quite different due to COVID-19.

Royal Ascot has already announced it will not be open to the public, Garter Day has been cancelled and The Queens Birthday celebrations are not set to take place until autumn at the earliest and it will be a very different celebration from previous years. Despite the fact that it won't be the June fans typically look forward to, the Royals have done a wonderful job keeping fans occupied and excited about their work by sharing zoom calls, interacting more via social media and behind the scenes pictures.

Photo: Instagram/Kensington Royal

Much like they did with Virtual Chelsea last month, I imagine the Royals are coming up with ways to mark these annual events with something special on their social channels. I am also hopeful that we may begin to see (at least the younger and less vulnerable royals) doing some socially distanced in-person engagements by months end.

Photo: Twitter/Royal Family

While the Countess of Wessex has been volunteering in person and the Cambridge's have been helping to deliver food parcels, there has not been any in-person engagements since lock down began. With some restrictions beginning to be lifted this month, I am hopeful we might get one or two in-person visits. If these engagements were to resume I highly doubt that they would be announced beforehand or that there would be very much press there, but I can see them making visits quietly and sharing photos and videos afterwards.

As for the Queen, the palace had previously announced that she will be out of the public eye indefinitely (though they did just share photos of the Queen riding on the grounds of Windsor Castle which I positively adored) and as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are over 70, I imagine they will remain in Scotland where they have been self-isolating.

Photo: Instagram/Princess Eugenie

I don't really see anything in those situations changing this month given that they are more vulnerable and ensuring their safety is likely the Palaces top priority at this time and moving forward. The Queen is hopefully enjoying the time to be with Prince Phillip and relax as she hasn't had an extended break like this in her over 60 years as monarch.

However, The Cambridge's & Wessex's could very well return to in-person work to some degree this month. The York Princess's have continued volunteering throughout the pandemic and their work could potentially get some attention this month as well. While I am enjoying zoom calls as much as anyone, I am beginning to get desperate for some normality to return in some form. Therefore I am sincerely hoping that this can happen while obviously understanding it is up to the family's and I understand they will only do what they feel comfortable with.

Photo: Getty

As for the Sussex's, I truthfully do not have any ideas on how they might proceed this month. While I am hopeful that there might be some more information released on what their plans are moving forward, I don't see them making any announcements until conditions have improved in the U.K. and in the U.S. Anytime they make an announcement it seems to be ridiculed and they have actually enjoyed a few weeks of relative peace in the tabloids (despite disgusting sects of the media flying drones over their property) so I understand they might not be inclined to make any decisions publicly at this time.

I think the very best thing they could probably do right now is find a home to settle into in Los Angeles as they have moved three or four times (depending on what media you believe) in the last seven or eight months. I hope they are able to settle down and plant roots in Los Angeles if that is where they plan on staying.

Photo: Sussex Royal

I want them to be able to carve out whatever life they want for themselves I think any announcements they make at this time would be unfairly labeled as "insensitive" or "egotistical". I really want their announcement (whenever it comes) to be celebrated and welcomed. So at the moment, I think they will probably continue to focus on their family and supporting their charities remotely as they have been. Perhaps in July conditions globally will have improved to a point that they are able to share their plans moving forward without it constantly being bashed in the media.

Do you have any predictions for the Royals this month? Share your best guesses below!

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