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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Wales

Photo: PA Images

William and Catherine made a special visit to Wales with stops in Barry Island and Cardiff. After several months of remaining closed, the royal couple visited an amusement arcade, which was popularized on the British sitcom, Gavin & Stacey. They also stopped in at a care home in Cardiff that they had previously held a zoom call with.

Photo: Getty

The couple were seen having a great time competing in some arcade games and they nearly came home with a prize when Catherine tried the claw machine. Barry Island is best known internationally as the backdrop of the popular sitcom, Gavin & Stacey. The show was on in the mid 2000’s and was co-written by James Corden.

Barry Island had been hit hard from tourism being shut down during lockdown and William & Catherine found out how they were coping with it. They also learned more about the new precautions they had put in place to ensure everyone could come back and enjoy activities safely as Lockdown restrictions eased.

Photo: PA

Their Royal Highnesses then went on to visit Shire Care Home in Cardiff. They had previously met some of residents while playing Bingo via zoom during lockdown. One resident was unafraid to share that she thought William & Catherine did a bad job with virtual bingo when presented with the opportunity to meet them. The couple laughed it off, agreeing that Bingo was not their calling.

They spoke to staff at the care home to hear about the struggles they faced keeping residents safe and the adjustments they had to make during lockdown. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent much of lockdown virtually checking in on charities, organizations and businesses and they have continued this work as restrictions were slowly lifted. xx

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