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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Aga Khan Centre

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke with His Highness, The Aga Khan during their visit. Photo: Jeff Spicer

Ahead of their tour to Pakistan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Aga Khan Centre to learn more about modern Pakistani culture. The tour is set to begin on October 14th and will conclude on the 18th, spanning over 1,000 kilometers and set to be the "most complex" tour undertaken by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to date.

The couple joined His Highness, The Aga Khan for a special event at the Aga Khan centre as a precursor to their tour. They met with several people from pakistan including Shahid Khan, Muhammad Noman and Maha Malik. Following this engagement more information on the couples tour to Pakistan was released.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met guests from Pakistan. Photo: Getty

The tour is expected to pay respect to the history of Pakistan and the relationship the country has with the United Kingdom. However, a larger focus for the Duke and Duchess will be modern Pakistani culture and the direction that the country is heading in the future.

Most of their engagements will be embargoed until the day of for security purposes but they did include some of the main areas of work that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be focusing on. They will visit organizations and charities that empower young people to ensure they have the best possible start in life (an area of work that the Duchess has been highly involved in for several years) and they will discover more about how Pakistan is adapting and responding to the effects of climate change (conservation and environmentalism have been a primary focus for the Duke).

The Duchess wore earrings from Pakistani brand, Zeen while visiting the Aga Khan Centre in London. Photo: John Phillips

Their visit to the Aga Khan Centre was expected to be a preview of the work they will be focusing on during their tour as well as a preview of the fashion to expect. The Duchess wore a beautiful teal and emerald maxi dress by ARoss Girl x Soler and featured earrings from Zeen, a Pakistani brand.

The Duke and Duchess are expected to have a full schedule on tour so check back in next week to keep up with their work and fashion. xx

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