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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Queen Elizabeth's Hospital

Photo: WPA Pool

William and Catherine marked the 72nd birthday of National Health Services with a visit to Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in Kings Lynn. The NHS's birthday was celebrated around the country as they have continued to work on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. The

Duke and Duchess thanked staff for their continued efforts and heroic selflessness while hearing more about their experiences on the frontlines.

Photo: Joe Giddens/Getty Images

They were joined by frontline workers and their families including a nurse who had been unable to see her daughter for nine weeks and had recently been reunited. William and Catherine were gifted knitted keychains of frontline workers during their visit as well. Both the Duke and Duchess wore NHS blue which is now synonymous with the organization and their continued work.

The visit took place outside and adhered to the policies on social distancing and gatherings that the U.K. is currently advising. William and Catherine have been supporting NHS and frontline workers throughout the pandemic by participating in video calls, volunteering with local charities, sharing resources as well as helping launch Our Frontline, to provide support to frontline workers.

Catherine even launched a photo project with her patronage, the National Portrait Gallery to capture what life in lockdown has been like. One of the three themes of the project was Helpers and Heroes which aims to highlight the work done and sacrifices made by the U.K.'s frontline heroes.

The tea party was the first joint engagement that William and Catherine did since Lockdown began. They have both made solo visits to local businesses and charities since lockdown restrictions have eased. xx

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