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The Duchess of Cambridge supports Baby Banks

Photo: Getty Images

Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge has focused much of her royal work on childhood development and the early years and this summer she partnered with British Brands to try and help the most vulnerable children in Britain.

Photo: PA

The 19 British Brands and Retailers she has brought together are donating over 10,000 items to Baby Banks across the United Kingdom.

Baby Banks provide essential supplies such as nappies (diapers), clothes, wipes, books and toys to families in need. A 2018 study estimated that one in every one hundred British families visited a baby bank for children five and under. Baby banks are in desperate need of donations, especially during the pandemic, in order for them to continue to provide essential supplies to young families.

Catherine helped unload and sort some of the supplies that had been donated before she spoke with a few of the families who had been supported by baby banks. It was the first event that Catherine had worn a mask to as the government recommendations had changed. While volunteering, Catherine shared that she had been incredibly moved by some of the stories she had heard when she visited her local baby bank to help out in Norfolk.

Photo: PA

Her work helped bring Baby banks to the forefront of national discussion and within a week they had announced they were only able to accept certain types of donations as there had been a massive uptick in donations. Baby Banks are a vital service for a lot of families and help provide a better start in life to many children who might not otherwise have access to certain books, toys or clothes.

If you want to find out how you can help or what types of donations they still require, please visit

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