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The Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Evelina Hospital

The Duchess of Cambridge posed for a photo taken by Luke Wheeler. Photo: Toby Melville/Getty

Two of Catherine's patronages, Evelina Children's Hospital and the National Portrait Gallery have partnered for a Playful Portraits workshop that was attended by the Duchess of Cambridge. The National Portrait Gallery delivers workshops as part of their hospital programme which included Catherine's patronage, Evelina Children's Hospital.

The Duchess talked to parents and staff at Evelina Children's Hospital. Photo: PA

The National Portrait Gallery works closely with hospitals to bring workshops and artists in order to help improve patients health, well-being and happiness. The playful portraits workshop helped kids make their own sets and characters for a pop-up theatres. The Duchess posed for Polaroid photos taken by the children before visiting the beach ward to join kids who were participating in the workshop from their bedsides.

The Duchess was also given a wreath by ten and four year old siblings, Luke and Savannah, Catherine promised to display the gift in Princess Charlotte's room. The Duchess also spoke with Lukes mother, Joanne Wheeler, who explained that Luke was born with a congenital heart defect that required surgery after his birth. They now attend regular check-ups at Evelina to ensure Luke remains healthy.

The Duchess of Cambridge was greeted with a bouquet for her visit. Photo: PA

Evelina regularly uses art therapy to help children who are going through severe health problems in order to give them a creative outlet and lift their spirits. Many children in hospitals are unable to regularly exercise or play like other children do so art becomes an invaluable tool to keep them engaged and uplifted. xx

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