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The Cambridge's 9th Wedding Anniversary

Photo: Getty

Nine years ago an estimated 2 billion people around the world tuned in to watch the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. I had always liked the royal family (a passion that was passed on from my mom who was a Princess Diana fan) but looking back I can definitively say that William and Catherine's wedding was the launchpad for a fascination with the family that still holds today.

Photo: Paul Marriott

Prior to 29th April 2011 the youngest ‘working royal’ was in her mid-forties, the younger generation (William, Harry, Beatrice, Eugenie etc.) hadn’t officially started their public lives. Prince William and Prince Harry were both working full time, others were still in school and more than entitled to their private lives. The news about them was sparse and therefore there wasn’t much available to younger royal fans, like myself. But this day changed that, and everyone could feel what that meant.

London came to a standstill and people all over the world were crowding around televisions, eagerly waiting for the first sightings of the young bride and groom. This wedding promised to be different than the wedding of Charles and Diana. William and Catherine had known one another for almost a decade and Catherine was a full decade older than Princess Diana had been. It was still a fairy tale but it was a modern day fairy tale, the Bride and Groom were ready for what was coming their way, the mistakes of the past weren’t being repeated. And the wedding was magical, Disney could not have done it better. Certainly there were some nerves but that only made it better.

Photo: BBC/Kensington Palace

Now nine years and three children later the magic of that day doesn’t seem to have worn off. While this years celebrations are certainly different from years past, there was the same level of excitement from royal watchers as there has been over the last nine years. The family is together self-quarantining at Anmer hall, their country home gifted to them by the Queen.

Their wedding was the first event to usher a younger generation of royal fans into the fold and over the last eight years they younger generation of royals have become even more prevalent. Each birth, wedding and tour bringing more and more fans towards this family. Royal fascination seems to be at an all time high and much of that can be attributed directly to the younger generations of royals.

As time has gone on there have been babies and weddings, the family has grown and changed but one thing has remained constant: they are a family dedicated to each other. their causes and their country. My love of the British Royal Family has expanded beyond William and Catherine as I now regularly follow the work, lives and fashion of all of the Queens children, grand children, and great-grandchildren.

Photo: KensingtonRoyal

A lot of my friends ask me what it is about the Royal Family that I love so much and the answer has remained the same for exactly eight years now; there's always going to be bad things in the world but, for me, the Royal Family is a constant source of good news celebrating weddings and new babies, raising awareness about important causes and highlighting the volunteers, staff and workers who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding started it all for me and I am very excited to wish them a very happy ninth anniversary. xx

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