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James Middleton announces engagement to Alizee Thevenet

James Middleton shared the good news on his instagram. Photo: jmidy

James Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's younger brother, has confirmed his engagement to Alizee Thevenet via Instagram. The couple is rumored to have started dating last year and were first seen together publically at the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor at St. Georges Chapel in May 2019. Middleton proposed while on holiday in the Lake District, according to his instagram post.

James Middleton has spoken about how his dogs have helped him cope with his anxiety and depression. Photo: jmidy

Thevenet was born in France but has worked in England for the past six years as a Financial Analyst. It is reported she speaks three languages and appears to love dogs just as much as James Middleton does. James has spoken publicly about his mental health struggles and how his dogs have helped him in his recovery process. He had even brought one of his dogs as his plus one to a red carpet event earlier this year.

James proposed with a square blue Sapphire ring that appears to be flanked by two smaller diamonds. The ring seems to take elements from both James's sisters own engagement rings. The Duchess of Cambridge was famously given a Sapphire halo ring that had belonged to Princess Diana. Pippa Matthews engagement ring features a large square diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

While the wedding is not expected to occur until next year at the earliest there is now a good chance that we will be able to see Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis serve as pageboys and bridesmaids in two weddings next year (Princess Beatrice announced her engagement earlier this month). It is also a possibility that we could see Arthur (Pippa Matthews son) in the wedding party alongside his cousins.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte most recently served as pageboy and bridesmaid for their fathers cousin, Princess Eugenie. Photo: Alex Bramall

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are essentially professional bridesmaids and pageboys having been in four weddings already. They first took the job on for their aunt, Pippa Matthews in 2017. They then reprised the role in quick succession for The Duchess of Sussex (May 19th 2018), followed by Princess Charlotte's godmother, Sophie Snugg (September 22nd 2018) and finally for their father's cousin, Princess Eugenie (October 12th 2018).

Congratulations to the couple, wishing them love and happiness during this special time. xx

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