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Catherine joins Stockwell Gardens Nursery for breakfast

The Duchess of Cambridge with children for breakfast
Catherine served breakfast to the kids and joined them in play. Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge has been working hard to promote her #5BigQuestions survey across the U.K. After visits to Birmingham, Cardiff and Surrey the Duchess has continued to share the importance of the 5 Big Questions survey with a visit to Stockwell Gardens Nursery. Catherine helped serve breakfast to the kids and spoke with parents, carers and staff about the goals of the survey.

The Duchess of Cambridge at Stockwell Gardens Nursery
The Duchess arrived at Stockwell Gardens nursery fro breakfastPhoto: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge has been involved in the importance of the early years for a number of years and the survey aims to give the general public a chance to include their opinion in the conversation. By asking 5 questions the survey is easy to take and Catherine hopes to determine what elements of the early years the public is the most concerned with so that she is able to focus her work in those areas.

Catherine also spoke with chefs with LEYF early years Chef Academy about the importance of a nutritious diet for developing kids in addition to good physical and mental health. LEYF gives chefs who are keen to work with children a specialist qualification which is designed to strengthen the important roles chefs play in educating parents and staff on healthy eating for children.

The Duchess of Cambridge playing with kids
The Duchess of Cambridge played with the children after breakfast Photo: Phil Harris/Getty Images

While serving the kids breakfast, Catherine played with some of the children, asking them about their experiences at school. The Duchess asked one little girl who her favorite teacher was and she (adorably) pointed to Catherine. While fans have been calling Catherine the #ChildrensPrincess for a while now, it was evident more than ever during this visit how much kids adore Catherine.

The Survey is running for another few weeks and once the results are compiled the Duchess of Cambridge's early year project will likely pick up even more. In the meantime, there are sure to be plenty of other engagements where Catherine is focused on the future generation of children. xx

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