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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launch National Emergency Trust

William and Catherine speak with staffers and volunteers about the charities work. Photo:Victoria James / AP

The National Emergency Trust is a new charity that will provide emergency response and relief if and when disasters strike across the U.K. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on hand yesterday during the charities launch in London.

William and Catherine met with staffers and learned more about the charity. The National Emergency Trust will collect donations and distribute them according to who or what is in the most need. With several disasters striking the U.K. in the past few years, the work is critical in helping offer aid to as many as quickly as possible.

The Grenfell tower fire, which occurred in 2017 and resulted in the deaths of 72 tenants, is a prime example of some of the disasters the charity will provide relief for. The Duke of Cambridge gave a speech at the launch saying, " Whenever and wherever disaster strikes here in the UK, this country has a unique way of pulling together." The National Emergency Trust will be an additional way for the country to pull together and offer their help following these disasters.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at the launch of National Emergencies Trust. Photo: Shutterstock

The Duchess of Cambridge joined her husband at the launch and met relief workers, rescue dogs and children that work with the charity or have been helped by their work. The Duke, having worked as a pilot for East Anglican Air Ambulance, has provided relief and worked in the field for many years.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend Remembrance Day Commemorations over the coming weekend. xx

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