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The Festival of Remembrance

The Royal Family join the Queen in celebrating Remembrance Day at the Festival of Remembrance in 2018. Photo: Chris Jackson

Each year the Royal Family attend a number of events for Remembrance Day to celebrate members of the armed forces. They offer tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to service to their nation and honor those who have paid the ultimate price. The Festival of Remembrance is an annual event that senior members of the Royal Family attend the saturday before Remembrance Day.

The Royal British Legion hosts the event at Royal Albert Hall each year and is typically a solemn affair, including military displays, choral works and prayers. Several years in a row, there have been performances by singers such as Joss Stone, James Blunt and Gregory Porter. There are two performances, a matinee and evening show (the latter of which is typically more formal and is attended by the Royal Family).

The Royal Family attend the event annually. They were seated together here in Royal Albert Hall during the festival in 2015. Photo: AFP

Several members of the Royal Family have served in the armed services in one capacity or another. Most notably, Prince Philip served in WWII prior to his marriage to Queen Elizabeth. It is tradition to wear black with a poppy pin (poppies are a symbol of Remembrance and hope of a peaceful future). While it is one of the more somber events on the Royals Calendar each year it is a favorite for what the holiday represents.

The Festival of Remembrance will air on BBC One at 9pm on 9 November this year. xx

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