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Her Majesty The Queen Consort

The Queen Consort has been an advocate of supporting survivors of domestic violence, raising awareness for osteoporosis, encouraging literacy and helping animals (she has rescued two of her own dogs, Beth and Bluebell). She supported the late Queen with visits across the commonwealth and her charity associations. She continues to support her husband, King Charles III as his consort.

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall has supported the Queen as a working royal since marrying Prince Charles in 2005. Her work largely focuses on health, literacy, supporting survivors of domestic violence, the armed forces, the elderly and animals.

Patron to over 130 organizations and charities, Camilla has focused on issues close to her heart such as osteoporosis, which her mother had. An avid reader, she has an online book club to encourage people to read which enters its fifth season in 2022. She is patron of several organizations which encourage literacy and has spoken extensively about how reading has enriched her life. She is also an animal lover, having adopted her two dogs (Beth and Bluebell) from Battersea Homes for Cats and Dogs, of which she is patron.

She holds a number of honourary military appointments and supports the armed forces alongside senior members of the Royal Family. Her late father-in-law, Prince Philip, passed down his title of the Colonel-in-Chief of the Rifles to Camilla prior to his passing in 2020. She also regularly attends military events such as Trooping the Colour and Remembrance Day Services.

Camilla has championed support for survivors of domestic violence, drawing attention to the ongoing issue through speeches and patronages. She has shared how the stories she has heard from survivors have deeply impacted her and she has advocated for programs which help victims of domestic violence seek help.


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